Sharing happy memories with H.E. Djauhari Oratmangun – Ambassador of Indonesia to China

I visited the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing to meet H.E. Djauhari Oratmangun, Indonesia’s ambassador to China, together with his family and staff. Their conversation left me convinced that I had visited the ‘’happiest embassy’’ in the city.

Ambassador Ortmangun has a very artistic family. His wife, Elsiwi, is a talented painter. Her impressive artworks are ‘’strategically placed’’ all around the embassy and residence compound to create a warm and homely feeling.Indonesia is a fascinating country.

Many people have either visited or plan to take a holiday in the resort island of Bali, known for its beaches, surf culture and temples. But this giant archipelago has much more to offer among its 17,000 islands.

In discussing his day-to-day life and general experience of staying in China, Ambassador Oratmangun said he enjoys taking long walks and bike rides through bustling Beijing.Spoiler alert! As a huge fan of social media, he is a planning a special networking project to foster more cultural exchanges between China and Indonesia on an individual level.